A group for the young girls and women of the app lose it! Who wish to be within the 120 - 135 pound weight range.
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 Rules and Guidelines for the Forum

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PostSubject: Rules and Guidelines for the Forum   Fri Mar 11, 2011 2:43 pm

Ok so here are some basic rules for the forum.

1. Girls Only

2. Let's all try our best to be nice to each other

3. Debate IS allowed but please keep it within reason (no personal attacks)

4. Please post a picture of yourself, or an avatar picture (you have 1 week to do so before you are reminded, if you don't post one after that you will be removed)
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5. One of the purposes of this forum is to help others who have similar stats to our own. Please Post your Stats here
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(you have one week to do so)

6. Only healthy goals are allowed. Goal BMI must be above 18.5. This group was not made to cater to Ana's or Mia's, or other dangerous eating disorders. If you think you have an eating disorder please seek medical help right away.

7. Any weight loss competitions held between members must be carried out in a SAFE and HEALTHY manner. If they are found questionable or possibly dangerous they will be removed.

8. Respect the mods and admins

Other Notes:
PLEASE feel free to make new topics! We encourage that.
Repeat threads are fine so long as they are not a repeat of a sticky thread.
Locked threads were locked for a reason, do not duplicate them.
Game threads are fine.

This list is subject to change.
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Rules and Guidelines for the Forum
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